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Press » 4 April 2017

Codisto Launches Amazon Integration For Magento, WooCommerce

Over 1 million merchants can now benefit from a native SaaS extension providing full, real-time synchronization of products, inventory and orders between Amazon, eBay and merchant websites.

Marketplace integration software company and Magento Imagine sponsor, Codisto today launched its Amazon integration for Magento and WooCommerce to complement its highly regarded and existing eBay integration.

The benefits for ecommerce sellers controlling Amazon & eBay directly from existing ecommerce platforms are tremendous because sellers can significantly increase sales via Amazon & eBay yet allow existing business processes to be maintained.

The vast majority of marketplace integration services require merchants to use ecommerce platforms as a 'slave' to an additional platform specifically designed to manage marketplaces. This causes unnecessary friction in running a multi-channel ecommerce business as merchants get caught in the cross fire of the platforms fighting for control.

By developing a SaaS extension that's native to existing ecommerce platforms, merchants get the benefit of a real-time SaaS marketplace integration service combined with the efficiencies of maintaining their existing platform and business processes.

"The concept of multi-channel integration is not new," Jonathan said, "but native integration is technically very challenging which is why there are so few native solutions. Codisto has taken a 'deep and narrow' approach to developing its solutions, limiting the platforms and marketplaces we provide integration for. This has allowed us to set a new global standard for marketplace integration. Merchants no longer have to suffer unwanted third party marketplaces platforms or sub-optimal native integration solutions."

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Codisto is an Australian technology company that develops integration software for ecommerce platforms.

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