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Calling All Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce Users – It’s Time to Get Ready for Amazon Australia!

It’s official – Amazon is coming to Australia, and whilst the exact launch date is yet to be announced, it might just be sooner than you think.

Don’t swim against the tide – ride the wave!

Amazon’s entry into the Australian market is sure to dramatically change the retail landscape and the way we shop online. Aussie brands and retailers who are proactive and ready to leverage this new opportunity to reach more customers will be the ones best positioned to ride the wave with Amazon.

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"Why You Should Embrace Amazon Australia"

When Can I Sign Up for Amazon AU?

At present, registering as a seller on Amazon Australia is by invitation only, with many of Australia’s leading brands already being approached ahead of the full rollout. As a leading provider of Amazon integration solutions for Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce users – and a trusted Amazon partner – Codisto has been invited to be part of the launch of the Amazon Marketplace in Australia. If you would like your brand to be submitted as part of our pilot program with Amazon, leave your details below and we’ll be in touch.

About Codisto

Our native software plugin for Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce has already helped countless brands take their existing product catalogues and transform them into Amazon & eBay listings in minutes. With Amazon Australia finally arriving, we couldn’t be more excited about helping Aussie brands make the most of this long overdue opportunity to join the Amazon movement.

Whether you’re an Aussie retailer or brand looking to get in on the ground floor, or an international seller looking to sell into this exciting new market, our solutions will help you to easily create and manage listings across marketplaces, platforms and datelines.

Our Solution

Codisto LINQ is our flagship integration software. It allows you to create and manage listings on eBay and Amazon all from your Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce platform. Not only does Codisto LINQ replicate your entire product catalogue onto eBay or Amazon in minutes, our real-time sync is the safest and most reliable way to manage inventory and pricing across multiple marketplaces and sales channels.

Codisto LINQ is the only fully native eBay & Amazon integration software for Magento, WooCommerce & Shopify, and the only integration software that can reliably create entirely new listings on Amazon. If you’re looking to sell your own unique branded products into new marketplaces, or a retailer looking to diversify your channel mix, Codisto LINQ is the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to do it.

Go Global

Why wait for Amazon AU to launch to expand your sales reach? With our Codisto LINQ and Xpress Lister solutions, you’re just a few steps away from selling on more than 40 eBay and Amazon marketplaces around the world. Take advantage of our Free 14 Day Trial and see just how easy it is to be multi-channel seller.