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The world’s best Amazon integration is here!

We have the world’s best eBay integration – it’s time for Amazon

Codisto has spent years developing the best eBay integration in the world. Many users have asked about Amazon integration.

We have said, we didn’t want to rush because creating a deep, quality product for eBay that was truly the best in the world in both user experience and underlying architecture takes time.

Whilst no product is ever ‘finished’, we are comfortable with the depth, quality and market acceptance of our eBay integration product. We will continue to improve it but the time has come to give so many merchants what they so desperately need - a better way to integrate Amazon.

Soon in 2017, sellers will be able to use Codisto to “Amazon and eBay Better”. Our native extensions to Magento and WooCommerce for eBay that have become the go-to solutions for eBay integration will offer another major channel in Amazon.

The same feature that exist for eBay will exist in Amazon:

  • Create and manage Amazon listings from inside your ecommerce platform of choice
  • Real-time bi-directional synchronization of inventory
  • Automatic syncing of catalog and orders
  • Advanced features and architecture
  • Amazing user experience that’s simple, powerful and intuitive to use

When Can I Sign Up for Amazon AU?

At present, registering as a seller on Amazon Australia is by invitation only, with many of Australia’s leading brands already being approached ahead of the full rollout. As a leading provider of Amazon integration solutions for Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce users – and a trusted Amazon partner – Codisto has been invited to be part of the launch of the Amazon Marketplace in Australia. If you would like your brand to be submitted as part of our pilot program with Amazon, leave your details below and we’ll be in touch.