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Tim Davies - 'Mr. eBay',
ZELLIS, eBay Strategist

"Codisto LINQ defines next generation Marketplace integration – One of the most compelling eBay & Amazon integration solutions I’ve ever seen. Quick and easy to set up, powerful and intuitive automation, and a terrific user interface. I recommend it to my clients."

Jack Plowright
Dzine-Hub Agency

"We were delighted to hear about an alternative marketplace integration solution for Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. With MarketPlace Connect, we now deliver eBay & Amazon integration as part of our projects without the constant fear of support calls that came with other solutions. That’s allowed us to change the services the agency offoffers and how we package them."

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ImageSmart eBay Template

Our professionally designed eBay sales template is a great way to quickly generate sales with great looking eBay listings that are 100% mobile optimized.

For sellers that want to add their own branding, the template is fully editable using HTML & CSS.

The Codisto LINQ template automatically optimizes images for listing products on eBay which avoids lost sales from eBay rejecting listings due to incorrect image sizes.

Other products from your catalog are automatically included on the template to promote cross selling.

XpressGrid Multi Edit

Simple & powerful management of your entire product catalog on eBay.

Add or remove multiple products, uplift prices, amend eBay titles & descriptions, or change shipping rules quickly & easily.

Control how products interact with eBay at the touch of a button using our fully search and sortable XpressGrid™.

Elegantly powerful control that is unique to Codisto LINQ.

AutoMap Product Categorization

Codisto LINQ automatically categorizes products into the most relevant eBay categories. Our advanced machine learning algorithms systematically search eBay for similar products already listed and iterate towards the best category.

Setup time has been removed. There is no need to create 'profiles' and attach products individually. Gone is the need to create listings a single product at a time.

List your entire product catalog on eBay in seconds and let the auto-categorization do the hard work for you. If you're not happy with with a category or setting, edit it quickly and easily with our unique XpressGrid Multi Edit user interface.

Seamless order management

Codisto LINQ gives you real time visibility of eBay orders state from a powerful view in the XpressGrid™

This allows for efficient fulfilment and peace of mind.

Easily control when eBay orders are imported.

Full Inventory Sync

Automatic, real time inventory sync on both eBay and website after sales from either channel means no overselling.

Take XpressGrid™ for a spin

We'll show you how to list your entire catalogue in just 4 clicks!

Active Content Compliant Listings

Be fully prepared for the active content ban in 2017. Codisto LINQ's standard templates are 100% active content compliant.

eBay Active Content Ban in 2017 – What It Means For Sellers

The Codisto Difference

Convert your Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce store into a fully integrated eBay & Amazon store in minutes. Codisto Codisto LINQ is the new standard for integrated marketplace selling. We believe alternative solutions are too hard & time consuming to setup and use. So we applied 15 years' experience with ecommerce platforms, marketplace integrations, developer work flows and merchant selling processes to make eBay & Amazon better for both merchants and developers.

Codisto LINQ incorporates maximum automation to get you selling quickly and clever product design to make managing product catalogs on eBay & Amazon quickly and easily. By auto-categorizing products into the most appropriate eBay category, including a professional mobile optimized sales template and applying eBay best practice selling defaults to your products as standard suggestions out the box, you're ready to list your entire catalog on eBay & Amazon without any configuration. There is no more building from ground zero, product by product, going through the time consuming process of having to create profiles and templates first. If you’re not happy with a suggested setting, our XpressGrid interface makes changing the suggestions fast & simple. Or you can simply apply profiles for traditional listing management.

Powerful control via full real time inventory synchronization between your ecommerce platform and your marketplaces, full template editing & logic, custom attribute mapping, advanced freight functionality & multi-account support means Codisto LINQ is also designed for the largest online businesses looking for advanced options and deeper configuration.

Simply put, Codisto LINQ means eBay just works:

  • Real time, two-way synchronization of product catalog & inventory between your cart solution & marketplace
  • Orders from eBay sent to Magento/Shopify/WooCommerce for efficient fulfilment
  • Products auto-categorized into most appropriate eBay category
  • Professional, full editable, mobile optimized template apply to every listing
  • List on any eBay marketplace worldwide
  • Supports multi-account/multi eBay marketplace
  • XpressGrid multi edit for simple management
  • Order control for sending to Magento/WooCommerce
  • Automatic feedback & shipping tracking on eBay
  • Domestic and international shipping options
  • Platform calculated shipping rate support
  • Supports multi-variant products
  • CDN for image hosting
  • Retain sales history of existing eBay listings by mapping to products in your cart solution
  • Lightweight plugin design – minimal files in Magento/WordPress. Easy one-click install in Shopify.

Codisto LINQ has been meticulously designed for both Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce developers and sellers. By thoroughly understanding the problems faced by all stakeholders, Codisto LINQ succeeds in solving the eBay integration problems that remain with current generation solutions.

"Codisto Connect is exactly how eBay integration should be. I listed 38,000 items on eBay in just one click without any setup or training! Fully recommend to all Magento users."

Simon Chan, i-Tech

"My business used to offer custom eBay sales template designs. But now I include an eBay integration service as part of the design package because Codisto LINQ means I can easily apply the custom templates to their eBay listings for them. My revenue has increased and customer satisfaction has improved as a result."

Jose Tovar, Freelance Magento Developer


Does Codisto LINQ work with all eBay sites?

Yes, it does.

What are the requirements to run Codisto LINQ?

Codisto LINQ requires a recent version of WordPress (4.2+) with WooCommerce (2.2+) installed or Magento ( - Your server should run on Linux and have PHP 5.3 or better with cURL support.

The Magento plugin also requires SQLite PDO Driver.

There are no special requirements for the Shopify App.

Does Codisto LINQ just list my products on eBay/Amazon or provide full catalog synchronization?

Codisto LINQ is more than just a listing tool. It keeps your whole catalog – products, prices, images, descriptions, inventory levels and more in sync with eBay in real time. Orders from eBay are automatically sent to Magento/WooCommerce and inventory reduced in real time so you never oversell on either channel.

How easy is Codisto LINQ to setup and use?

Codisto LINQ was designed for merchants to increase their sales by adding the eBay channel for virtually no effort and keep their current Magento/WooCommerce fulfilment processes.

This has been achieved by applying the maximum automation to setting up and managing eBay. There are many areas of automation from categorizing products on eBay, applying a professional template, upscaling images, UPC/EAN error prevention, automatic tax rate detection for orders and many more.

If you’re happy with our standard template, eBay best practice selling values e.g. 30 days returns and free shipping, once Codisto LINQ has installed, you can list your entire catalog in just 4 clicks. There is no easier way to list on eBay & Amazon anywhere, let alone have full integration.

I already have listed my products on eBay. Can Codisto LINQ import them to Magento/WooCommerce/Shopify?

No, Codisto LINQ is designed to let Magento/WooCommerce/Shopify be the “source of truth” – you contine to manage your products in your solution - and use Codisto LINQ to manage which products and how they are listed on eBay/Amazon.

But it is possible to map existing eBay listings to products in Magento/Shopify/WooCommerce once they are in your catalogue with the ‘Link Listings’ function.

Does Codisto LINQ support auction style listings?

No, Codisto LINQ is designed for merchants with catalogs who want to create fixed price, good til cancelled listings on eBay.

Are there any more FAQs?

Yes, there are! Please check out our growing knowledgebase at

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Full Integration & Complete Control

  • Your carts shipping rules supported on eBay/Amazon
  • eBay/Amazon and cart dual inventory syncronization
  • eBay/Amazon orders transferred to Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Shipping tracking data and seller feedback automatically updated on your marketplaces
  • Multi product edit via XpressGrid™
  • Control from the control panel & no separate platform to manage
  • Products auto-categorized
  • Product changes automatically synchronized on existing marketplace listings

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