Press » 16 February 2018

Shopify gets global Amazon & eBay marketplaces.

Launch of Codisto LINQ app provides 500,000 Shopify sellers with seamless access to all Amazon & eBay sites globally.

The Shopify app store now offers ‘Codisto LINQ’ which provides real-time sync of products, inventory and orders between Shopify and all Amazon & eBay sites around the world.

Codisto Co-founder & CEO, Jonathan Pollard said “Shopify’s huge merchant base has been hungry to access the global opportunity that Amazon & eBay provides. For the first time Shopify sellers can seamlessly sell anywhere that Amazon or eBay exists. Codisto LINQ delivers direct control of Amazon & eBay from within Shopify with the intuitive design and ease-of-use that Shopify users have come to expect.”

Shopify offers its own limited native & integration but provides nothing for users looking to sell on, or world marketplaces. Shopify’s user base has been increasing rapidly, especially overseas. Amazon is expanding into Brazil, Singapore and Sweden as well as complimenting the recent Australian launch with FBA (fulfilment by Amazon).

"Codisto LINQ offers much deeper functionality than the native Shopify apps for and and has the major advantage of offering both Amazon & eBay in a single app embedded inside Shopify. Shopify’s growing user base and the increased global Amazon sites available make it a very exciting time for all in the Shopify ecosystem," Jonathan said.

Codisto LINQ includes a 14 day free trial and can be installed from the Shopify App Store..

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Codisto is a Sydney based tech company specializing in marketplace integration SaaS for leading ecommerce platforms.

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