Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my account anytime?

Yes. No lock in contracts means you can cancel your account anytime.

Does Codisto ‘just work’? i.e. can I keep using my ecommerce platform as my source of truth?

Yes, unlike other solutions, Codisto sits inside and retains your ecommerce platform as the source of truth for your product data. There is no need to “re-platform” using Codisto so it’s incredibly fast and easy to get selling on Amazon & eBay.

What is your support like?

Support is always close to hand available 24/7 by email, chat or phone depending on your plan.

What happens if I go over my monthly limit?

You don’t need to upgrade your plan for temporary sales spikes. We’ll simply charge you for additional listings/orders during your billing period.

Can I set separate price & quantity rules, titles and descriptions?

Yes, it’s easy to set different rules for marketplace listings different to those used on your webstore and quickly apply them in bulk.

Where can I see the full feature list of Codisto LINQ?

See our full feature list here.

Can I use Codisto to create or update products in my webstore from my marketplace listings?

No. Codisto uses your online store product catalogue as the 'source of truth', product and catalogue information is always synchronized from the online store to Codisto.

Does Codisto support all Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally?

Yes, Codisto supports listings on all Amazon & eBay sites around the world all from within your ecommerce platform.

Will Codisto support more marketplaces in the future?

We have several new marketplaces on our radar but we have purposefully limited marketplaces currently offered to Amazon & eBay to ensure the best performance, speed and ease of use. The vast majority of online buyers shop on Amazon and/or eBay so unless you sell goods that are tightly aligned with specialist marketplaces, chances are you’ll be successful on Amazon & eBay. When we do offer additional marketplaces, you’ll know they work with the upmost quality.

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