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Product Questions

How do I get started?

Install Codisto from your platform's app store and follow the in app prompts. If you are installing on open source versions of Magento or WooCommerce you may find these articles from our help centre helpful: Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCoommerce.

How long does it take to set up and start selling?

Because Codisto is an app that sits inside your existing ecommerce platform there's no data migration to a separate multi-channel platform required which can save days or even weeks of setup time. With Codisto, installation and connecting a marketplace takes about a minute. Setting default listing values takes another minute or so. If you are happy listing all products with default values there is nothing more to do except enable the products (in bulk) you want to list (or link to existing listings). Amazon & eBay limit the speed of listing hundreds or thousands of products to a certain rate per minute but a few thousand products are listed in about an hour. If you wish to configure certain products away from the default values, setup time is dependent on how many changes you are making but all changes can be done in bulk. It's rare that merchants take any more than an hour or so for the most complicated configurations and everyone is normally selling same day.

Does Codisto support all Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally & all ecommerce platform store currencies?

Yes. Codisto supports listings on all Amazon & eBay sites around the world all from within your ecommerce platform. Codisto supports all store currencies and you can use our in-built currency manager to list on marketplaces in different currencies.

How is Codisto different from other solutions?

Codisto is multi-channel in an app. It sits inside your existing ecommerce platform which means there's no need for a separate multi-channel platform which requires data migration, change of process and 'source of data truth'.

How do I move to Codisto from a competitor?

Switching is easy. Simply uninstall/disconnect existing solution (without ending any listings), install Codisto and follow the in app prompts (including relinking any existing listings which can be done quickly in bulk).

Can I set separate price & quantity rules, titles and descriptions?

Yes. It’s easy to set different rules for marketplace listings different to those used on your webstore and quickly apply them in bulk using in built operators or mapping fields from your ecommerce platform.

What do you mean by real-time sync?

Codisto sync is 'event driven'. This means as soon as something happens like an item gets sold or a price gets changed, Codisto is constantly 'listening' and reacts as soon as the message that something has changed is received. Codisto means you can't oversell or sell at the wrong price because we avoid the need for scheduled sync events. This is different from alternative approaches which run event changes on scheduled frequencies e.g. every hour. A scheduled sync approach means you are always out of sync between schedules.

Does Codisto work with other 3rd party apps?

Codisto works well with common 3rd party apps e.g. meta-field extensions and shipping integrations. Codisto 'should' work well with other 3rd party apps due to our rigourous adherence to app development guidelines. However, we cannot guarantee all 3rd party apps have been developed in accordance with the guidelines and given the large number it is impossible to test all. If you are using a 3rd party app that you are already using and suspect may cause a conflict we suggest testing Codisto with a small number or products/orders first and reach out to support if you experience any difficulties.

I have Amazon/eBay listings and want to create an online store, can Codisto do that for me?

No. Codisto uses your online store product catalog as the 'source of truth' to sync with Amazon/eBay. There are 3rd party importer tools available to create products in your ecommerce platform (search Google or app store). You can then use Codisto to create/link & sync your ecommerce platform products with Amazon/eBay.

Does Codisto integrate with any other marketplaces in addition to Amazon & eBay?

We have several new marketplaces on our radar but we have purposefully limited marketplaces currently offered to Amazon & eBay to ensure the best performance, speed and ease of use. The vast majority of online buyers shop on Amazon and/or eBay so unless you sell goods that are tightly aligned with specialist marketplaces, chances are you’ll be successful on Amazon & eBay. When we do offer additional marketplaces, you’ll know they work with the upmost quality.

Do you mark orders as coming from Amazon or eBay when you sync them with my ecommerce platform?

Yes. Codisto marks orders and puts them into Amazon & eBay customer groups in your ecommerce platform.


Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our plans.

What if I go over my plan limits?

We appreciate that exceeding plan limits by small amounts may not be enough to justify paying the next highest plan fee. We also know some sales are seasonal or have temporary increases. To avoid these issues Codisto charges monthly overages above the included plan limts at USD15c per listing and USD29c per order. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time if these offer better value for your business by selecting the appropriate plan within the app.

What kind of payments do you accept?

For BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento & Ecwid we accept Visa and Mastercard. All Shopify charges are paid through your Shopify account - Shopify then remit to us less their commission.

Do I need my credit card info to sign up?

No. You can install and experience Codisto without a credit card (or accepting a Shopify billing agreement). We ask you to choose a plan and enter credit card (or accept Shopify billing agreement) when you list/link your first item(s). Nothing gets charged during the free trial period but we need a payment method in place should you decide to continue with Codisto at the end of the free trial period so that sync isn't interrupted as you move from free trial to paying subscription. If you want to cancel at any time simply email

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you ever decide that Codisto isn't the best Amazon/eBay integration solution for your business, simply cancel by emailing We never end any listings when you cancel, they are just not kept in sync any longer.

Do I need my own Amazon or eBay account to use Codisto?

Yes. Codisto connects your online store to your Amazon/eBay account(s). You need an Amazon Professional Seller account (you can't use an individual account because Amazon doesn't allow 3rd party connections) or an eBay seller account (list any item on eBay manually once and eBay automatically turn an eBay buyer account into an eBay seller account). You are responsible for any Amazon/eBay fees - these are separate to Codisto charges.

Free Trial

How does the free trial work?

You can use Codisto free for 14 days. No credit card (or Shopify billing agreent) is required to install and configure ('click around'). We ask you to choose a plan and enter credit card (or accept Shopify billing agreement) when you list/link your first item(s). Nothing gets charged during the free trial period but we need a payment method in place should you decided to continue with Codisto at the end of the free trial period so that sync isn't interrupted as you move from free trial to paying subscription. If you want to cancel at any time during the free trial simply email and nothing will ever get charged.

What happens at end of trial?

If you choose to continue with Codisto at the end of the free trial, we will charge your credit card (or via Shopify) for the plan selected. If you choose to cancel during the free trial period (simply email, we'll end sync and never charge you. Any listings created during the free trial remain active at the end of the trial (we never end them) but they are no longer kept in sync with your ecommerce platform.

What's included in free trial?

Everything. The product you use during your free trial is the same product you would use as a paying subscription.

Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime?

Yes. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time by selecting the appropriate plan within the app.

Are there any contracts?

No. There's no contract - just pay as you go, month-to-month. You can cancel at any time without penalty.


Can I use with multiple Amazon/eBay accounts?

Yes. Codisto supports multi Amazon/eBay account, multi Amazon/eBay site & multi store (Magento) use

I operate two stores, do I need two Codisto subscriptions?

Yes. Codisto works on a 'per instance' basis. The only exception to requiring two Codisto subscriptions is if you are operating a multi-store environment on the same Magento instance.

What is your support like?

Support is available 24/7 by email, chat. Phone support is available for Enterprise customers.

Why is Codisto a monthly fee not a one-time software purchase?

Codisto is constantly 'listening' and reacting to any changes made on marketplaces or your platform to ensure sync is maintained. This architecture is the only way to provide the performance demanded by professional online sellers. This requires a lot of server resources that we get charged on a monthly basis for by Amazon Web Services. Also, marketplaces and platforms and regularly changing their offerings in terms of features, meta data or APIs (what we use to connect stores to marketplaces). Furthermore, we are having to constantly reinvest to develop new featuers and maintain the solution to ensure it works for all sites and platforms supported . We also provide 24/7 support. All of this is included in the monthly fee.

Do I have to end my current eBay listings to use Codisto?

No. Codisto understands the importance of retaining your current listings. During the installation flow we prompt you to 'Link Existing eBay Listings' which guides you through how to link your existing eBay listings to your ecommerce products. This can be done in bulk in a few clicks.

Do you end listings if I cancel Codisto?

No. Listings are never ended if you cancel your Codisto subscription, they are just no longer kept in sync with your ecommerce platform and orders are no longer transferred to your ecommerce platform.

Why does Codisto offer a Flexi plan with a variable % (+1.9% of marketplaces sales) and how does this work?

Some merchants aren't sure how their products will sell on marketplaces but they have a lot of products they want to list and try selling. The idea of the flexi plan is to give merchants a low commitment way of trying marketplace selling. Once sales are known or it becomes cheaper to move to a fixed plan, simply change plans in app. This can be done at any time. Merchants on the flexi plan get charged the fixed portion in advance and the variable portion in arrears.

Do you charge per month or per 14 days?

Shopify users are billed by Shopify which charges per 14 day cycles. Non-Shopify users are billed monthly. We refer to "monthly" pricing as a proxy for 14 day billing periods in Shopify for simplicity.

Can I list selected products or part of my catalog or do I have to list the entire catalog?

You can choose what you want to list, individually or in bulk. Filtering and bulk edit makes it very fast to list any number of products.

Can I use Codisto just for order sync from Amazon/eBay to my ecommerce platform?

Absolutely. You don't need to list anything with Codisto to take advantage or marketplace order sync - just set to "all orders" in the orders settings screen.

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