Native Control

Most integration solutions require you to learn to use a whole new platform, but Codisto LINQ’s lightweight and easy to use plugin is hosted entirely within the BigCommerce interface making it easier for you to get selling sooner.

Real-time Sync

Codisto LINQ takes the heavy lifting out of selling multichannel, and we do that by keeping your pricing, inventory and everything else about your listings in sync; every transaction and every edit will be reflected across all your sales channels instantly.

Inventory Management

Discover the peace of mind of never having to worry about inventory mismatches or overselling ever again with cross-channel inventory sync in real-time. You can sell multichannel with confidence knowing your stock counts will be accurate and up to date no matter what.

Introducing the Codisto LINQ XpressGrid

Introducing XpressGrid Multi Edit – simple and powerful management of your entire multichannel product catalogue. Add and remove products, change pricing, amend titles and descriptions and change shipping rules everywhere you sell with XpressGrid’s elegantly powerful control exclusive to Codisto LINQ.

Take XpressGrid for a spin – in just 4 clicks and less than a minute let us show you how to list your entire catalogue to Amazon or eBay!

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Create New Amazon Listings

Codisto LINQ is one of the few multichannel integrations powerful enough to create entirely new Amazon listings, not just match with existing ASINs.

If you’re selling your own unique branded product, with Codisto LINQ powering your ecommerce there’s nothing left in the way of selling multichannel.

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Multiple account functionality - link multiple eBay & Amazon accounts to multiple store views and multiple marketplace regions.
Multiple Account Support
Attribute Mapping
Product Mapping

Amazon ASIN Wizard

Codisto LINQ makes listing your existing catalog on Amazon easy using our ASIN Wizard to lookup and match ASINs with your products.

Selling a product that’s new to Amazon? No worries – ASIN Wizard will create new listings and ASINs for you.

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AutoCat Product Categorization

Codisto LINQ automatically categorizes products into the most relevant eBay categories.

Our advanced machine learning algorithms systematically search eBay listings and category branches to place your products in the correct category.

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Our Supported Platforms

Codisto LINQ’s native integration app is available for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Ecwid and BigCommerce.

Select your ecommerce platform to learn more about how Codisto can connect you to a world of new customers on Amazon & eBay.

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