Custom Attribute Mapping

For sellers in need of a deeper level of customisation and backend automation for advanced marketplace integrations, Codisto LINQ offers advanced Attribute Mapping in addition to the XpressGrid view.

Take Control of Your Marketplace Integration

Codisto LINQ collects meta-field data from your ecommerce platform’s API so that you can link attribute fields between your platform and marketplaces.

Map any number of custom attribute fields for complete control and customization of your marketplace integrations and enable bespoke integrated fields with custom formulas and rules.

  • Define & map any number of custom attribute fields for maximum flexibility.
  • Unique "Attribute mapping preview".
  • UPC/EAN/ISBN can be mapped to custom catalogue fields or entered directly.
  • Automatic error prevention from missing UPC/EAN/ISBN.

Powerfully Easy Integrations with XpressGrid

Codisto LINQ's powerful integration software is ready built for merchants of all levels of expertise and experience. For sellers who want to focus purely on the business of selling and don't require the full range of customization that is offered from within the Attribute Mapping view, the Codisto LINQ Xpress Grid is an easy to use, spreadsheet style interface with infinite scroll that allows you to easily view and edit your entire product catalogue at once.

Codisto LINQ XpressGrid offers simple and powerful management of your entire multichannel product catalogue. Add and remove products, change pricing, amend titles and descriptions and change shipping rules everywhere you sell with XpressGrid’s elegantly powerful control exclusive to Codisto LINQ.

Take XpressGrid for a spin – in just 4 clicks and less than a minute let us show you how to list your entire catalogue to Amazon or eBay!

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Codisto LINQ’s native integration app is available for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Ecwid and BigCommerce.

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