What Is Codisto LINQ?

Codisto LINQ is a powerful Amazon & eBay integration software that sits natively within your BigCommerce interface, making it easy to reach millions of extra customers on any Amazon & eBay marketplace around the world. With just a few clicks you can be up & running on your first Amazon or eBay marketplace, with orders & inventory integrated seamlessly into your existing fulfilment process.

Once installed Codisto LINQ allows you to create and edit marketplace listings in bulk, sync pricing and inventory in real time and manage all of your marketplace operations from within your BigCommerce.

Get Codisto LINQ for BigCommerce

Codisto LINQ for BigCommerce

Sellers using BigCommerce can now reach more customers than ever before with Codisto LINQ for BigCommerce.

Available through the BigCommerce App Store, Codisto LINQ for BigCommerce offers a true multichannel experience for sellers who want to reach more customers, in more marketplaces, all over the world.

  • Integrates with all global Amazon & eBay marketplaces
  • Real-time sync for orders, pricing, inventory & .
  • Sits natively within your BigCommerce interface.

Get Codisto LINQ on the BigCommerce App Store

Native Control

Most integration solutions require you to learn to use a whole new platform, but Codisto LINQ’s lightweight and easy to use plugin is hosted entirely within the BigCommerce interface so you can create and manage listings and recieve marketplace orders all from BigCommerce..

Real-time Sync

Codisto LINQ takes the heavy lifting out of selling multichannel, and we do that by keeping your pricing, inventory and everything else about your listings in sync; every transaction and every edit will be reflected across all your sales channels instantly.

Inventory Management

Discover the peace of mind of never having to worry about inventory mismatches or overselling ever again with cross-channel inventory sync in real-time. You can sell multichannel with confidence knowing your stock counts will be accurate and up to date no matter what.

Marketplaces Made Easy

Codisto LINQ for BigCommerce makes it easier than ever to be a multichannel seller. Codisto’s unique XpressGrid makes it easy to manage your entire catalog of marketplace listings in a spreadsheet style interface that is intuitive, easy to use & fits seamlessly into the BigCommerce experience.

With the ability to edit listings in bulk, AutoCat automated product categorisation for eBay and Codisto’s ASIN Wizard software you are only a few clicks away from more customers.


Codisto LINQ for BigCommerce has a range of flexible pricing plans starting from just $29 per month.

The Unlimited Orders plan is a fixed cost plan that suits sellers with lower listings counts or higher sales volume. For sellers with a higher number of listings but lower sales volume, our Unlimited Listings Plans may be more suitable.

The view our full range of pricing options, please view the Codisto LINQ Pricing Plans.

Introducing the Codisto LINQ XpressGrid

Codisto LINQ XpressGrid & XpressGrid Multi Edit is the easy way to manage your entire product catalogue on eBay and Amazon all from within your BigCommerce powered ecommerce platform.

With powerful bulk edits, advanced search and filter options and custom field selection Codisto LINQ XpressGrid offers you total control of your marketplace integration.

Using the Codisto LINQ native plugin for BigCommerce you can use XpressGrid to add and remove products, change pricing, amend titles and descriptions and change shipping rules everywhere you sell.

  • Easy to use - no training required, works just like a spreadsheet.
  • Advanced 'Infinite scroll' allows for seamless & pageless management of your catalog.
  • Multi-edit and batch processing for bulk changes to your catalog, across every channel you sell on.
  • Custom column layouts for a personalised experience.
  • Intuitive sorting, filtering and formulas for enhanced catalog management.

Take XpressGrid for a spin – in just 4 clicks and less than a minute let us show you how to list your entire catalogue to Amazon or eBay!

Not on Shopify? Choose from one of our other supported platforms.

Not on Shopify? Choose from one of our other supported platforms.

Our Supported Platforms

Codisto LINQ’s native integration app is available for Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Ecwid and BigCommerce.

Select your ecommerce platform to learn more about how Codisto can connect you to a world of new customers on Amazon & eBay.

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