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Codisto LINQ is the only native Amazon and eBay sales channel powerful enough to create entirely new Amazon listings for products new to the Amazon product catalog.

If you’re selling your own unique branded products, with Codisto LINQ powering your ecommerce it’s never been easier to sell your Magento products on Amazon.

After connecting Codisto LINQ to your Amazon store account through the easy to use Setup Wizard, all you need to do create a new listing is select a category from the Codisto LINQ XpressGrid Category Search and enable your listing and Codisto LINQ will take the data from your product catalog and use it to create a whole new Amazon listing and ASIN.

Gone is the need to navigate Amazon's complicated flat file upload system, waste time formatting spreadsheets or creating listings one by one in Seller Central.

With Codisto LINQ you can assign categories and create new listings in bulk with ease.

Amazon ASIN Wizard

Listings products from your Magento that are already featured on Amazon's catalog? With the Codisto LINQ ASIN Wizard you're just a few clicks away from listing your entire catalog for sale on any of Amazon's global marketplaces.

How does it work?

The Codisto LINQ ASIN Wizard uses the product identifiers in your existing catalog to match your listings with the correct ASINs in Amazon's catalog.

If the right ASIN can't be found, or if it returns multiple results, the ASIN Wizard makes it easy to search for a product match from right there in the XpressGrid.

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Looking for a better way to create eBay listing from Magento?

Check out Codisto LINQ AutoCat for eBay

About Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ Dual Sales Channel for Magento lets you reach more customers by connecting Magento to Amazon and eBay marketplaces globally!

With native control, real-time inventory and pricing sync and the ability to create and edit marketplace listings in bulk, our powerful Integration Software Plugin for Magento makes it easier than ever to sell multi-channel.

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