Create and Manage eBay Listings from Your WooCommerce Store with Codisto LINQ

Looking for an easy way to sell your WooCommerce products on eBay?

With Codisto LINQ it's never been easier to create and manage eBay listings from your WooCommerce; with just a few clicks you can export your entire product catalog to eBay in bulk.

Real-time Sync

Inventory, pricing and product details are synced in real-time between all of your connected sales channels.

AutoCat for eBay

Codisto LINQ AutoCat for eBay automatically categorizes your products into the most relevant eBay categories.

Native Control

Codisto LINQ XPress Grid sits natively within your WooCommerce platform and integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce experience.

100% Content Compliant

In June 2017 eBay implemented a ban on the use of JavaScript, Flash and other forms of dynamic content.

eBay listings created using Codisto LINQ ImageSmart eBay Template are 100% compliant with eBay's Active Content Ban, so you can be sure that you're listings and account are safe from eBay suspensions.

ImageSmart eBay Template for WooCommerce

Our professionally designed eBay sales template is a great way to quickly generate sales with great looking eBay listings that are 100% mobile optimized.

For sellers that want to add their own branding, the template is fully editable using HTML & CSS.

The Codisto LINQ template automatically optimizes images for listing products on eBay which avoids lost sales from eBay rejecting listings due to incorrect image sizes.

Other products from your catalog are automatically included on the template to promote cross selling.Easily create stunning listings optimised for eBay using our ImageSmart eBay template for Codisto LINQ for WooCommerce, or bring your own!

For sellers that want to add their own design touches, the ImageSmart eBay template is fully editable using HTML & CSS..

Mobile & SEO Optomised

eBay listings created with the Codisto LINQ ImageSmart eBay Template are optimized for a seamless and professionally designed experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Listings are also optimized for SEO to improve search visibility on eBay and Google.

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