Frequently Asked Questions

  • Creates Amazon/eBay listings from Shopify products
  • Links existing Amazon/eBay listings to Shopify products
  • Synchronizes listings in real-time:
    • Shopify product changes e.g. price, inventory, title, description, images automatically update on Amazon/eBay
    • Inventory is always in sync on all Shopify/Amazon/eBay no matter where a sale is made
    • Amazon/eBay orders are automatically sent back to Shopify for easy fulfilment

Create or update Shopify products from Amazon/eBay listings.

With Codisto LINQ, Shopify is the source of truth. If you have products in Amazon/eBay but not Shopify you need to use an importer tool to first create the products in Shopify. Then you can use Codisto LINQ to keep them in sync from there, once they are linked

Yes, including the new Amazon Australia and Amazon Brazil. Codisto will support new Amazon marketplaces such as Sweden and Singapore as soon as they open.

Pricing starts from $29 USD per month.

Choose a fixed price for unlimited orders from a fixed number of listings or a variable price from unlimited listings and a small transaction fee. There are no contracts – cancel anytime. There is a free 30 day trial (but you’ll have to select a plan during the trial so no interruption to sync occurs should you decide to subscribe at the end of the trial. But if you cancel during the trial, nothing is ever charged). Full pricing is here Codisto LINQ pricing. Amazon/eBay fees are separate and not covered by Codisto LINQ.

Yes. Codisto LINQ has easy ways to set separate marketplace settings in bulk, just like updating a spreadsheet. You can also do some funky formula based rules in our advanced ‘attribute mapping’ area.

Yes. Codisto LINQ works on a ‘per Shopify’ basis. However, within the same Shopify store, you can link multiple Amazon & eBay accounts and list on multiple Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally.

Most likely, yes - we have several on our radar. However, we aim to provide the best marketplace integration software available anywhere. Quality is king. We have purposefully limited the number of marketplaces we offer to ensure the best performance, speed and ease of use. It’s also worth noting that the vast majority of buyers shop on Amazon and/or eBay so unless you sell goods that are tightly aligned with specialist marketplaces, the chances are you’ll be successful on Amazon & eBay. When we do offer additional marketplaces, you’ll know they work with the upmost quality.

We support both multi-variant and single variant listings. Both are created automatically depending on the configuration of your products in Shopify.