The Weekly Connect: Volume #3

February 3th, 2021 In this issue: Social shopping - the next big thing in ecommerce Grow your brand with Facebook Video Ads


This week’s top articles and guides to keep you in the know and help upskill your ecommerce strategy.

Social Shopping: The next big thing in ecommerce

From Accenture

A recent study from Accenture’s has tipped social commerce to grow at an astonishing pace in 2022 and beyond.

Put simply, social commerce marks a shift in the way brands and shoppers connect, with social engagements and shopping transactions becoming more and more integrated into a seamless, blended sales funnel, bringing new opportunities for sellers of all sizes to grow their brand and engage more customers by nailing these three principals of social commerce:

  • Content-driven engagement through shoppable posts and ecommerce enabled social media channels.
  • Experience-driven engagement that enable shopping through experiences like livestreaming and VR experiences.
  • Network-driven – leveraging your existing social networks and turning audiences into sales.

It’s easy to use and flexible enough to allow you to start small, optimize and scale your advertising spend based on results, and best of all, the sales you achieve through Amazon Sponsored Products help boost your organic search rankings and visibility on the marketplace.

Read the full report here.

Facebook Video Ads: How they can help your business grow

From Shopify

Facebook is a great channel for showcasing your brand story and reaching your audience, with the ability to deliver highly targeted messaging and engage customers outside of your direct sales funnel.

But to cut through the noise, you need dynamic and engaging content that captures your audience’s attention.

When done right, Facebook video ads can be a great way to showcase your brand’s story and deliver more shoppers to your product pages to increase sales.

  • Facebook Ads get the second-highest engagement from the platforms’ users. The average native Facebook video –according to Shopify— accumulates more than 221,600 likes, comments, and shares.
  • Your audience can learn about your products and services by creating engaging videos.
  • With Facebook’s retargeting feature, you can reengage with lost shoppers and bring them back to your online store with targeted video content.

Learn more about creating engaging Facebook video ads.


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