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The Best Turbo Lister Alternative

eBay's Turbo Lister will be retired in June 2017. Xpress Lister isn't just a replacement for Turbo Lister, it's a major improvement. Make the switch to eBay's best listing tool that takes full advantage of today's technology. No other solution has the advanced features in Xpress Lister.

Feature comparison table - Xpress Lister vs Turbo Lister
Read why Xpress Lister is the Best Replacement for Turbo Lister

10x Faster. 10x Easier

Import & List in seconds - faster and easier than ever
Responsive and editable mobile-friendly template
Grid Layout - everything is on one easy-to-read screen
Multi Edit - amend listings in bulk with a few clicks
Multi-variant listings supported
Auto-categorization does the hard work for you
Import Amazon spreadsheets
List on any eBay Marketplace around the world
Import from eBay - take control of your existing listings

Peter Cramer, Owner,

"Xpress Lister is the quickest and easiest eBay multi listing tool available. Products are automatically categorized and listed on a professional eBay template in seconds, saving hours of setup time. The cleverly designed XpressGrid user interface makes ongoing management of eBay listings extremely simple. Codisto Xpress Lister will become the default Turbo Lister replacement. I recommend it to all my clients."

ImageSmart eBay Template

Our professionally designed eBay sales template is a great way to quickly generate sales with great looking eBay listings that are 100% mobile optimized.

The Xpress Lister template automatically optimizes images for listing products on eBay which avoids lost sales from eBay rejecting listings due to incorrect image sizes.

Other products from your catalog are automatically included on the template to promote cross selling.

XpressGrid Multi Edit

Allows simple & powerful management of your entire product catalog on eBay.

Add or remove multiple products, uplift prices, amend eBay titles & descriptions, or change shipping rules quickly & easily.

Control how products interact with eBay at the touch of a button using our fully search and sortable XpressGrid™.

Elegantly powerful control that is unique to Xpress Lister.

Full listing management only available on XpressLister PRO

AutoMap Product Categorization

Xpress Lister automatically categorizes products into the most relevant eBay categories. Our advanced machine learning algorithms systematically search eBay for similar products already listed and iterate towards the best category.

Setup time has been removed. There is no need to create 'profiles' and attach products individually. Gone is the need to create listings a single product at a time.

List your entire product catalog on eBay in seconds and let the auto-categorization do the hard work for you. If you're not happy with with a category or setting, edit it quickly and easily with our unique XpressGrid Multi Edit user interface.

See how easy Xpress Lister is to install and use in our 2 minute video.

Fully integrated in less time than it takes to create a single manual eBay listing

Active Content Compliant Listings

Be fully prepared for the active content ban in 2017. Xpress Lister's standard templates are 100% active content compliant.

eBay Active Content Ban in 2017 – What It Means For Sellers

Take XpressGrid™ for a spin

We'll show you how to list your entire catalogue in just 4 clicks!

  • Import & List in Seconds - faster and easier than ever
  • Automap™ Product Categorization - does the hard work for you
  • XpressGrid™ Multi Edit - amend listings in bulk with a few clicks
  • ImageSmart™ eBay Template - responsive and editable
  • Multi-variant listings supported - listing flexibility

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