Our Story

Codisto Connect incorporates a very novel approach to solving the challenge of Magento and eBay integration and includes some super smart coding techniques to ensure amazing real-time synchronization performance.

We have designed Codisto Connect to solve the key problems of alternative solutions:

  • Real-time bi-directional integration between Magento and eBay

    Some solutions only provide one-way automatic synchronization between Magento and eBay (even though this can be difficult to readily identify from the marketing material). This is a significant shortfall and requires a manual import process to complete the data cycle required for proper business operation.

    Codisto Connect provides true bi-directional synchronization of products, orders and inventory in real-time and we also update shipping tracking information and feedback on eBay.

    We also support seller�s Magento shipping rules on eBay � something absent from most alternative solutions.

  • Fast and simple setup

    The setup of alternative solutions is time consuming and complicated, sometimes taking several weeks. Some solutions require products to be categorized on eBay one at a time whilst others allow for bulk categorization only if the whole of a Magento product category fits nicely into a single eBay category. Product images are usually required to be resaved into different file sizes for upload to eBay. All this adds significant time to setup. Making listings look professional is generally another shortfall of alternative solutions, requiring a third party to design, build and integrate an eBay sales template.

    Codisto Connect provides the fastest and easiest setup for Magento and eBay integration. Products are auto-categorized regardless of Magento category, images are auto-optimized and there is an in-built professional eBay sales template included.

  • Fast and simple management

    Ongoing management of alternative solutions is generally too cumbersome. Editing listings can require login to a separate platform in addition to Magento. Changes to listings can generally only occur on a single product basis or by attaching products to "listing profiles".

    Codisto Connect includes XpressGridTM Multi Edit which works similar to a spreadsheet in searching, sorting and updating product changes to be applied on eBay. We�ve kept user control inside Magento which is the most efficient way to operate website and eBay multi-channel selling.

Codisto Connect is a step-change, next generation eBay integration solution for Magento.

In short we believe Codisto Connect means Magento integration for eBay is finally as it should be.

  • Import & List in Seconds - faster and easier than ever
  • Automap™ Product Categorization - does the hard work for you
  • XpressGrid™ Multi Edit - amend listings in bulk with a few clicks
  • ImageSmart™ eBay Template - responsive and editable
  • Multi-variant listings supported - listing flexibility