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Press » 28 October 2016

Xpress Lister launches Amazon to eBay import functionality

Xpress Lister, a modern 3rd party replacement for eBay’s retired Turbo Lister, today launched functionality that allows users to upload Amazon product files and create eBay listings.

“There’s never been an easier way to take what merchants are already selling on Amazon and sell it on eBay” said Jonathan Pollard, CEO Codisto. “By providing a free tool that allows users to easily take existing Amazon products and list them on eBay we hope all Amazon’s merchants will take advantage of the millions of customers that eBay has and significantly grow their sales.”

Xpress Lister is an online tool that only requires an internet browser to use, meaning it works on both PCs and Macs. There’s also the advantage that users don’t have to worry about backing up data stored on local hard drives. Xpress Lister supports listing on any eBay marketplace around the world and for users concerned about internet speed, Xpress Lister doesn’t require high speed broadband. A tethered mobile phone hotspot is sufficient.

“Xpress Lister isn’t just a substitute for Turbo Lister, it’s a major improvement in terms of user experience and functionality. Automatic product categorisation and inclusion of mobile responsive sales template saves users hours configuring eBay and making listings look professional. We’re thrilled Xpress Lister is filling the void for sellers left by eBay due to not investing in Turbo Lister over the years and now finally retiring it. Software of this calibre been absent for eBay sellers until now” Jonathan said.

For more information see and the 2 minute product video Xpress Lister - eBay's Best Listing Tool

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Codisto is an Australian technology company that develops integration software for ecommerce platforms.

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  • Automap™ Product Categorization - does the hard work for you
  • XpressGrid™ Multi Edit - amend listings in bulk with a few clicks
  • ImageSmart™ eBay Template - responsive and editable
  • Multi-variant listings supported - listing flexibility